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My name is Andrea Gamero, I've been a teacher and an Academic Advisor for 13 years. Freelance for 2 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management and a Master's in Bilingual Education.

I've taught English as a Foreign Language in Elementary, Middle, and High School. I have vast experience in The International Bacaulearette (IB), and I've been an Academic Advisor in Middle and High School.

During these years, I've prepared myself in different aspects. Through the official Master in Bilingual Education from La Rioja International University (UNIR ) recognized by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), I became a curriculum developer in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

I've always been concerned about education and youth, and because of these ,I became a Teacher Coordinator for MMUN ( Montessori Model UN) certified by Loyola's University in Maryland, and the MMUN NGO In Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council, with this certification, I can offer youth the skills and tools to confront the critical issues facing society today with an international perspective based on consensus and collaborative work to lead for global citizenship, and now more than ever ,we need people engaged in becoming problem solvers, and the students will be heard with their proposals, and actions will be taken.

Teacher Coordinator for Montessori Model United Nations

Teacher Coordinator for Montessori Model United Nations

Mentorship. Prepare students from different schools (not only Montessori Schools) for Montessori Model UN Conferences online, and abroad by giving them the guidelines for writing position papers, speeches, resolutions, and the UN rules of procedure.

CLIL Curriculum Planning

CLIL Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Design. Create an effective and appropriate curriculum according to the 4C's CLIL framework that aligns with state standards, paying attention for both language and subject knowledge based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the objectives for each discipline.

Bilingual Schools

Bilingual Schools

Administration. Knowledge and organization of bilingual education centers at all levels.

Attention to diversity

Attention to diversity

Caring attitude and student engagement. Develop and application of teaching methodologies adapted to the diversity of students in a bilingual environment.

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor

Students' assessments and engagement. Work in collaboration with parents, teachers, principals, administrators so the student can develop the academic and social skills needed to succeed.


Diploma Course in Educational Technology

At the end of the Diploma in Educational Technology the skills acquired are: to design educational strategies that allow virtual learning environments to be incorporated into educational practice, design digital contents that facilitate the educational process, use multimedia tools and educational technology at different school levels, evaluate the quality of courses and digital content based on the quality of the teaching-learning process, being able to respond to the challenges facing education today. I currently use D2L Brightspace in High School which is a Learning Platform, and Microsoft Teams.


MMUN Teacher Coordinator Course

International Certification in Consulting for the implementation of the Montessori Model United Nations, and training for teachers and students in Educational Institutions in Middle School, endorsed by the University of Loyola in Maryland and Montessori Europe among others. Teaching MUN Fundamentals, Best Delegate (for Middle and High School), and Virtual Model United Nations Advisor Institute.

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Creation of Remote Lessons for Distance Learning The course provided basic teaching resources to achieve the best learning experience online and the tools available to build a class and spread it among students. Some special features were google classroom, UNESCO Tools, Distance Learning for individuals with special needs.


Diploma Course in Innovation and Creativity for Education

Certified by Salamanca University ( A view on different innovative pedagogical models, emotional intelligence and creativity.

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La Rioja International University , Spain.

Master´s in Bilingual Education. An educational project was carried out to teach Biology classes with a methodology based on Content and Language Integrated Learning.

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Ingles Universal

Administrator and Franchisee at Ingles Universal, Toluca. Research and carry out the business plan of the selected franchise. Plan, organize, direct, and control to start the franchise. Manage all resources, request for material with the Editorial MacMillan. Selection and staff training with the language school methodology.


Hotel Management

A proposal based on ISO 9000 was made for the Human Resources Department at the Holiday Inn Zocalo Hotel in Mexico City.

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